RUMOR: Haunted Mansion Hanging Corpse to be Covered, Hitchhiking Ghosts Updated at Disneyland

It appears that the Haunted Mansion, a popular attraction at Disneyland, is expected to reopen in 2025 with some updates. The attraction’s queue is currently being expanded and reimagined, and it is expected to reopen as Haunted Mansion Holiday this fall.

One of the changes that may be made when the standard attraction experience returns in 2025 is the removal of the hanging corpse in the stretching room. Disney has been considering this change due to the sensitivity surrounding suicide, and has already removed almost all nooses from the Phantom Manor, the Disneyland Paris version of the Haunted Mansion.

According to reports, Disney is still undecided about the hanging corpse and has not made a final decision. The corpse is implied to be that of the Ghost Host, who is a disembodied voice that welcomes guests to the mansion and points out that there are no windows and no doors, leaving guests to find a way out. He then says, “Of course, there’s always my way.” The hanging corpse is then revealed by bolts of lightning through a scrim in the ceiling. It is rumored that if the hanging corpse is removed, something new may be projected instead.

Another change that may be made to the ride is an update to the Hitchhiking Ghosts that appear in guests’ ride vehicles. These ghosts are currently projected into the vehicles thanks to the Pepper’s ghost effect, but it is possible that they will be updated to the same effect as the Walt Disney World version of the ride, where the ghosts’ reflections can now move all around the scene thanks to CGI projections.

In addition, it is rumored that a new bride and new scene will be added to the attic portion of the ride. More information about the history of the Haunted Mansion Bride(s) can be found in other sources.

During the fall, the Haunted Mansion will reopen as Haunted Mansion Holiday, and for this version of the ride, the Hitchhiking Ghosts are replaced with gifts from Oogie Boogie. However, it is worth noting that these rumors are not yet confirmed, and Disneyland’s plans can always change.

When Haunted Mansion Holiday reopens this year, it will use a virtual queue instead of standby while construction on the grounds continues. For more information about the Disneyland Resort and Disney Parks worldwide, visit WDWNT or follow Disneyland News Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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