The Best VR Headsets and Games to Explore the Metaverse

The Meta Quest 3, rated 8/10 by WIRED Recommends, represents a significant advancement over its predecessor in various aspects, except for price. The Quest 3 boasts enhanced specifications, including a slightly higher resolution, faster processor, increased RAM, and an option for up to 512 GB of internal storage. The most notable change, however, is the integration of mixed reality technology.

Unlike the Quest 2, which featured external cameras for spatial awareness and a pass-through feature for viewing the surroundings, the Quest 3 elevates mixed reality as a central element of the user experience. The pass-through cameras now display color images instead of black and white, and they offer higher resolution for improved visual clarity. Although the imaging still resembles a 2000s-era YouTube video of one’s living room, it represents a significant improvement over the Quest 2’s pass-through feature.

This technology paves the way for innovative games and experiences. For instance, PianoVision, a popular title, helps users learn the piano by overlaying instructional elements and piano rolls onto video of the actual keyboard. This transforms the traditional piano-playing experience into a Guitar Hero-like adventure, an achievement that would not be possible with VR alone.

However, the Meta Quest 3 comes with a higher price tag than the Quest 2 ever had, even post-price hike. Starting at $500, it competes with the cost of whole game consoles, making it a considerable investment rather than an impulse buy. If you’re seeking the best stand-alone VR headset with the broadest library of games and apps supporting both VR and mixed reality, the Quest 3 stands out as the leading choice.

It’s essential to note that Meta, formerly Facebook, is the company behind the Meta Quest 3. Given Facebook’s questionable track record in managing user data and the subsequent use of that data, some users may express reservations about this association. If you’re in the market for a VR headset, the Meta Quest 3 remains the top recommendation. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to restrict purchases to more stable marketplaces, such as Steam, which also supports the Quest 2.

The Meta Quest 3 supports room-scale VR, pass-through mixed reality, and operates independently or in conjunction with a PC. It comes equipped with two controllers.

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