Users Found Fixes for the Most Widespread Android Auto Bug

The issue of Samsung Galaxy flagship phones not running Android Auto correctly has been a persistent problem for users since the Galaxy S21 series. This issue continues with the Galaxy S24, causing frustration for customers who have spent significant amounts on high-end Android devices. Despite Google’s investigation, no official patch has been announced.

Two potential workarounds have been found to resolve the connection issues with a Samsung Galaxy S24. The first involves uninstalling all Android Auto updates and installing version 10.3. After installing this outdated build, users should connect their phone to the vehicle to let everything set up from scratch. The app should start correctly and require an update. Some users might worry that installing the latest update could break the app, but everything should be completed correctly after getting the newest Android Auto version from the Google Play Store.

Another workaround involves removing all app updates and attempting to connect the phone to the vehicle. If the connection fails, the vehicle may create a generic phone profile. Users can edit this entry and rename it to the phone’s actual name. The next time they connect the smartphone to the car, Android Auto should launch correctly.

However, it’s important to note that these workarounds may not be universal fixes for everyone. Google continues its investigation, but the cause and solution to the problem remain unknown. Meanwhile, Samsung, despite having forums filled with complaints from users, has not made any official statements regarding this issue.

The problem also extends to Samsung’s foldable lineup, with the Galaxy Fold and Flip models encountering Android Auto connection issues, although these issues are less widespread than those affecting the Samsung Galaxy S lineup. Samsung is set to release its next foldable lineup this month. Despite these ongoing issues, Samsung has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

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