with AI-powered insights, ambient one keeps an eye on the air quality in your creative space

Ambient One is a portable air quality monitor designed specifically for creatives to enhance their health, well-being, and focus while working. Developed by Ambient Works, the device harnesses the power of Swiss sensor technology and AI-driven insights to monitor indoor air quality. By identifying the sources of pollutants, it helps creative professionals pinpoint which activities, materials, and processes contribute to environmental degradation.

The innovative device addresses concerns about unnoticed pollution in creative workspaces, such as 3D printer emissions, dust, and toxic substances from paints or glues. Ambient One seeks to bridge the gap between busy professionals and the often confusing air quality market.

Launched on Kickstarter and recognized with the 2024 Red Dot Award, Ambient One was crafted in collaboration with graduates from the Royal College of Art, Maker Spaces, and London-based makers like Building Bloqs, Fab.Pub, Marie Tricaud, and Tom Cecil. The team shares the belief that “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” Through Ambient One, creatives are now able to monitor and record different pollutants in their environment and receive targeted advice on reducing toxic particles. The ambition behind Ambient One isn’t just about promoting health but fostering creativity and productivity by ensuring the optimal air quality.

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