Woman warns husband; 'I don't care about your condition, you CAN'T leave your comfort sword on MY CHAIR.' AITA?

The woman in question, aged 34, is married to a man named Husband, who is 32 and has a history of anxiety. They have been together for five years and married for two. Husband’s anxiety is managed with medication, which has significantly reduced the frequency of his panic attacks. However, he still experiences anxiety, which often leads him to keep a wooden kendo sword next to him for protection when he is home alone, especially at night.

The woman finds it inconvenient to sit on the sword when she returns home from work trips, as it is usually placed on her usual seat. She asked Husband to put the sword back before she arrives, but he claims to forget due to his severe ADHD. The woman suggested that Husband could place the sword in a specific spot instead, but he argued that he often forgets about it after the perceived danger has passed.

The woman asked the internet community if she was wrong (AITA) for asking her husband to stop leaving the sword on her seat. The majority of responders agreed that she was not wrong, suggesting solutions such as creating a designated spot for the sword or setting reminders on a shared calendar. Some responders also expressed concern about the safety implications of an anxious person having a weapon in the house. The woman is seeking advice on how to handle this issue without causing unnecessary conflict.

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